Minimum Wage Increases Are Bad News for Low-Skilled Workers in General, not Just for those Who Lose their Jobs | International Liberty

…conclusion: employment losses associated with Seattle’s mandated wage increases are in fact large enough to have resulted in net reductions in payroll expenses – and total employee earnings – in the low-wage job market. …We show that the impact of Seattle’s minimum wage increase on wage levels is much smaller than the statutory increase, reflecting the fact that most affected low-wage workers were already earning more than the statutory minimum at baseline. Our estimates imply, then, that conventionally calculated elasticities are substantially underestimated. Our preferred estimates suggest that the rise from $9.47 to $11 produced disemployment effects that approximately offset wage effects, with elasticity estimates around -1. The subsequent increase to as much as $13 yielded more substantial disemployment effects, with net elasticity estimates closer to -3.

Healing People. Healing Physicians. Healing Families. Healing the Profession.

It’s all worth it. The Town Doctor is the WHAT to our WHY. It’s the instrument that allows us to do what we do best. Take care of people. The middle of the night calls still come, and we welcome them. That’s what we do building relationships, improving health and he’s happy to be available. But time is spent in ways that benefit the ones that are being cared for. Even more importantly, he can lay his head on the pillow at night knowing he’s done both the RIGHT, and the BEST thing for people. It allows the gift of time to give that not only heals people. It heals marriages. It heals families. Mine & Yours. It heals the physician. And it can heal the profession.

Now…I love Sundays.

Hard Truths about Health Care ‌ by Michael Tanner

Micheal Tanner

Michael Tanner

“Every health-care system in the world rations care in some way, either through bureaucratic fiat (Scandinavia, the U.K.), waiting lists (Canada), or price (that’s us). One can argue about which of these rationing mechanisms is fairest or most efficient, but let’s not pretend that it won’t occur.”