4 thoughts on “Statism: Whether Fascist or Communist, Its The Deadly Opposite of Capitalism – Forbes

  1. “…free society–which means: capitalism. ” The only ones that have freedom in today’s capitalism are the capitalists themselves. Since the megabanks and megacorps with their political lackeys run everything the right to vote is a mere illusion of democracy. Even sovereign(alleged) nations have lost their sovereignty to capitalism. Americans have lost their freedom as they are increasingly disenfranchised politically and economically. Want a job ? OK you’re hired BUT there is no pension, no health care, no sick leave, no paid vacations or holidays, too few hours granted or too many hours demanded $9 an hour-take it or leave it. That is not freedom. It is enslavement. Left? Right? Under the present circumstances “dictatorship of the proletariat” would seem to grant more freedom and control over one’s destiny than does capitalism.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from with your point. The way the system operates frustrates me, too. It was not the intent of the framers for it to be this way.

    I would maintain that it’s Crony Capitalism, a government run a muck, and special interest groups, — NOT a Free market— that is to blame; the market is neutral and blind to color or status if it is left to function as intended. It is so easy to look at big business and blame them. However, it is the unholy collusion of politicians with big business, Unions, big education, and big “whatever” who prostitute their influence, supported by a corrupt tax code that has everything messed up. The market is efficient and fair when left alone. Yes, we have megabanks thanks to the Federal Reserve and it’s revolving door of lackeys. The Fed is not constitutional, yet it exists and it’s influence over our banking system and monetary policy is toxic. Their easy money policies are pushing us to the brink of fiscal Armageddon.

    I maintain it is government’s role to protect our freedoms and treat everyone equal under the law, as opposed to regulating things so tightly. It is indeed, over-regulation that leads to corruption by public officials in bed with businesses. And, it is a complex, punitive tax code that is a one of the biggest drags on the economy.

    I would encourage you to listen to this video from 1979 where Phil Donahue poses this same question as to the legitimacy of “Capitalism” to Milton Friedman. His response was enlightening and full of clarity for me years ago when I first viewed this.

    Economist Milton Friedman vs. Phil Donahue on… by mediablitzz

  3. I appreciate your responses . I feel just adequate enough to participate in econ/pol/geo discussions from a basic philosophy(like I do on theology blogs) but you are so well versed on the particulars and terminologies and references that it is an enjoyable learning process for me. I feel a sense of congruence in that we both feel the system is not “for the people”.

  4. Carl,
    As I learn from your perspective as well. This exchange of ideas and perspectives is what keeps us moving towards solutions. Ii appreciate your comments and I hope my responses are always respectful. Yes, the “system” is horribly dysfunctional and not geared for the people in its current state.

    P.S. ~ I loved your post / sketch about the chess game scolding…. cute

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