2 thoughts on “Are We About To Face A Severe Doctor Shortage? | John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog | NCPA.org

  1. In Aventura, Florida we are blessed with a quality hospital and a huge amount of doctors and specialists in the surrounding area. Where there is a shortage at almost crisis level is with operating room surgical nurses. The baby boomers are retiring. As Miami is over 50% foreign born a replacement nursing force is emerging from Haitian and Jamaican woman most of which are reaching a qualification level in the lower certifications of nursing and in my opinion with recent treatment of friends and family members there is very little in the way of an American quality work ethic. In my opinion laziness and neglect characterize much hospital staff these days. As a retired school teacher here I’ve seen a dropout rate of 50% and besides the 5% that seem college bound there will be not much of a replacement force in any of the professions. Many doctors and nurses seem to be imported from South America, the Philippines and the Middle East.

  2. Carl,
    Unfortunately, your observations are correct in many areas of medicine today, not just operating rooms in Miami. Hey, liked your Deer on Steroids cartoon! Is that how Rudolph pulls the sleigh and manages to stay up all night?

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