1. I called the survey company and talked to the individual responsible (Chris Jackson) for this survey by the AAFP. Mr Jackson upon direct questioning indicated certification was not included because this was a very “niche” concept quite unknown by the general public! How about that, with all the “public push” advertised by the ABMS.

    Subject: Americans Prefer Physicians for their Medical Care-AAFP sponsored survery
    This survey is worth noting and was funded by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). It is important to recognize that Board Certification and MOC appear NOWHERE in this document. I contacted the survey organization directly and was told the AAFP paid for the study, directed the questions and never included certification issues, BECAUSE AS A NICHE FACTOR, THIS WAS UNKNOWN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. The AAPF clearly is earning significant funds by promoting the MOC program on their websites. The press release is found at http://ipsos-na.com/news-polls/pressrelease.aspx?id=6361 (See the table there for factors which do not include certification issue as a “patient important factor) while the full document is found at http://ipsos-na.com/download/pr.aspx?id=13294 .

    These are findings from an Ipsos poll conducted for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) from November 8-15, 2013. For the survey, a sample of 1,000 US adults 18+ was interviewed online, as well as a ‘booster’ sample of 320 Opinion Leaders (defined below) for a survey total of 363 Opinion Leaders (43 occurred naturally in the core sample of 1,000 US adults 18+)

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