Climate and Weather Change: OCEAN CYCLE FORECASTS By Joseph D’Aleo

Call me a denier if you will.  I prefer the term healthy skeptic.  Hey, but I did cancel my membership in the flat earth society; so I am progressing.  This is one of the first articles I have read that explains climate change in a way that makes sense. News of the ship stuck in Antarctic ice caught my attention, so I started reading about it.  I had heard the polar ice caps were melting at an alarming rate.  Not exactly.  It appears the Northern pole ice mass is less than average, while the Southern pole ice mass is enlarging. Apparently, this happens in cycles that correlate to ocean temperature fluctuations that appear to be in a rotation cycle that occur back and forth between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  This has likely been going on for millennia. When you throw in solar storms and other cosmic radiation causing events, it appears as if climate change (warming then cooling, over and over) is on autopilot and it is going to be hard to change that. 

Robert Nelson, MD

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