Leadership by blame: A.K.A. Bad Management | LinkedIn

We need to be rid of the myth that Leaders and Followers is a kind and more respectful way of doing business. Bad management is one thing, but pretending that management by blame and manipulation, dressed up as respecting employees, is as offensive as it is economically destructive. Here’s the justification:A huge amount is written about the right behavior and correct actions to qualify as a good Leader. Articles here and in ten thousand ‘how to make it in business books’ reel out ten this, eight that and four of the other points to become an ideal Leader.Once the transformation is complete, everything else falls into your lap. By the glamor of your behavior, good management, discipline, authority and all the nasty problems of office politics, awkward staff, emotional issues and the rest, simply melt away. Management is reduced to a form of superior supervision and everything is made possible by inspiring, motivating, influencing and leading by example. Even Authority is old hat, you will not need it, because your influence will make it redundant.

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