Healing People. Healing Physicians. Healing Families. Healing the Profession.

It’s all worth it. The Town Doctor is the WHAT to our WHY. It’s the instrument that allows us to do what we do best. Take care of people. The middle of the night calls still come, and we welcome them. That’s what we do building relationships, improving health and he’s happy to be available. But time is spent in ways that benefit the ones that are being cared for. Even more importantly, he can lay his head on the pillow at night knowing he’s done both the RIGHT, and the BEST thing for people. It allows the gift of time to give that not only heals people. It heals marriages. It heals families. Mine & Yours. It heals the physician. And it can heal the profession.

Now…I love Sundays.


Hard Truths about Health Care ‌ by Michael Tanner

Micheal Tanner

Michael Tanner

“Every health-care system in the world rations care in some way, either through bureaucratic fiat (Scandinavia, the U.K.), waiting lists (Canada), or price (that’s us). One can argue about which of these rationing mechanisms is fairest or most efficient, but let’s not pretend that it won’t occur.”


Repeal and Replace? No thanks. | Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Dr. Keith Smith

I’m all about repeal.  But let’s not stop with Obamacare.  Let’s move on to many disastrous legislative interventions brought to us from the other side of the aisle.  How about Medicare Part D, brought to us by a GOP-led executive?  Why didn’t the GOP change the tax code to end the discrimination against individual purchases of health insurance during the time they had all the power?  Hint:  see paragraph one of this blog.  This tax reform isn’t likely as the shift away from employer-purchased plans will gut the scam of PPO repricing, a devastating blow to the big insurance companies.

Source: Repeal and Replace? No thanks. | Surgery Center of Oklahoma